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C-peptide is used to monitor insulin production and kidney function. The test is not used to diagnose diabetes. Instead, it is used to determine how much insulin a person’s pancreas is still producing. Sometimes a C-peptide test may be used to help evaluate a person diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, a set of risk factors that includes abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, and hypertension. High levels of C-peptide generally indicate increased production of insulin. This may be in response to high levels of blood glucose and/or insulin resistance. High levels of C-peptide are also seen with pregnancy, Cushing’s syndrome, and kidney dysfunction. Low levels are commonly associated with insulin treatment since C-peptide concentrations reflect only the body’s own production of insulin and not administered insulin (such as in an insulin dependent diabetic). A 14 to 16 hour fast is required for this blood test. However, drink plenty of water and take  medications as prescribed.