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1.5 T MRI


    Orbito Asia houses one of the most advanced High Field 1.5 Tesla MRI of the Magnetom Family with TIM technology. Tim® (Total imaging matrix) provides unprecedented flexibility, accuracy, and speed. By combining coils in any way, Tim technology helps for example to reduce examination times by up to 50%. Around the world, Tim has become a standard in MRI. With thousands of installations, this is proven every day.

    Advantages of TIM technology:

    • Confidence in diagnosis. See the smallest details with Tim. Tim‘s Matrix coils provide up to 100% more Signal-to-Noise.
    • Ultra-fast acquisitions. Parallel Imaging is standard and usable in all body regions. It enables faster scanning, for MR Angiography and more.
    • Enables the physician to diagnose a disease, not a body region. Tim‘s flexible coil combination enables looking at all body parts that need to be examined. Without patient or coil repositioning.
    • Applications from head to toe. Tim enables whole-body examinations without patient or coil repositioning for metastatic and other systemic diseases such as atherosclerosis.
    • Faster examinations with Parallel Imaging. Less time in the MR scanner, but high confidence in the diagnosis.
    • Ultra-light weight Matrix coils, only 950 g (2 lbs) for the Body Matrix coil.
    • Feet-first positioning enables easy examinations for claustrophobic and anxious patients.