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Orbito Asia houses one of the most advanced High Field 1.5 Tesla MRI of the Magnetom Family with TIM technology. Tim® (Total imaging matrix) provides unprecedented flexibility, accuracy, and speed. By combining coils in any way, Tim technology helps for example to reduce examination times by up to 50%. Around the world, Tim has become a standard in MRI. With thousands of installations, this is proven every day.

Advantages of TIM technology:

Confidence in diagnosis. See the smallest details with Tim. Tim‘s Matrix coils provide up to 100% more Signal-to-Noise.

Ultra-fast acquisitions. Parallel Imaging is standard and usable in all body regions. It enables faster scanning, for MR Angiography and more.

Enables the physician to diagnose a disease, not a body region. Tim‘s flexible coil combination enables looking at all body parts that need to be examined. Without patient or coil repositioning.

Applications from head to toe. Tim enables whole-body examinations without patient or coil repositioning for metastatic and other systemic diseases such as atherosclerosis.

Faster examinations with Parallel Imaging. Less time in the MR scanner, but high confidence in the diagnosis.

Ultra-light weight Matrix coils, only 950 g (2 lbs) for the Body Matrix coil.

Feet-first positioning enables easy examinations for claustrophobic and anxious patients.